Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer… We may say many things on wedding photography!

For a professional wedding photographer, in truth, everything is very simple. Well, we have a couple who decided to have a special day to remember, a day of celebration to share with loved ones, friends and relatives. And at this point they need a wedding photographer! When I’m chosen to run the service as a wedding photographer, I’ve to “record” something unique.

It’s something that I take very seriously. Personally I try to build a story, in pictures, of the day.
It’s a perhaps a bit too simple, but someone call the way I photograph a wedding that, wedding photography in reportage style. Well, I do not know if it’s the best definition, but certainly comes close.

I do not really like the staged photo in a wedding photography service. Everything is subjective of course, but personally I find so strange to introduce in a day like that of a wedding, elements, situations, figures that wouldn’t were there if not for the intervention of a stranger, those would never have been happened. This does not mean that we will not be made ​​the classic photos with parents, witnesses, grandparents or uncles and aunts, but we will decide it together!

Within this philosophy, I and the people who work with me, work as discreetly as possible, and trying to be almost invisible… There are several possible scenarios for the implementation of the service. I am always interested in making personalized services. This is why I suggest to arrange a meeting before we get to the “day”. We maybe arrange to have some shots before the wedding, or to create a series of photographs maybe using film cameras, why not, the results are often special!

So, I just wrote something, I hope I have given some ideas, I am at your disposal and looking forward to meeting you! See you soon.