Portrait photographer

Portrait photographer… It’s another big challenge for the photographer.

Why? As a portrait photographer, well, first of all because you have to overcome the distrust of the subject who, often, has never been photographed before.

The truth is that we are not very used to seeing ourselves in photographs, even for people who work as actors to say, when we sit in front of the lens maybe not completely at ease. I always try to organize an aperitif before the shooting!

Seriously, in fact, a preliminary meeting can really help. The challenge, at least for me, is to show something more than the mere surface “the outer side” of the subject, I wish I could currently displaying the character , at least at that time.

I love to take portraits on locations, I think there’s something special that could come out. Of course, shooting in a studio has its own charm, I just think that it is more “specific”, more aimed to a dedicated final use. In any case, I really like portrait photography! Here you’ll find the site of Helmut Newton one of my source of inspiration.